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Apricus Wineries Briones Baniandres

by Hugo Blanco
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Apricus Wineries Briones Baniandres
In the heart of the Ribera del Duero, between Quintanamanvirgo and Guzmán, there is a unique winery. Apricus, or Bodegas Briones Baniandrés, has managed to apply the traditional knowledge and the passion of its ancestors for the vineyards a wine of exceptional quality, and practically handmade.

With an area of ​​not excessive vineyards (30 hectares), Apricus wine has become by its own merits an exclusive and gourmet wine, of the type Tinto Fino or Tempranillo, which has all the characteristics of the unique place where its grapes have been grown, making it the winner of prestigious awards and great reviews.

One of the main factors that have helped the Briones Baniandrés family to obtain an unparalleled wine is the care and mime applied to the vineyard and the grapes themselves. From the plantation of the vine, trellised in trellis and vertical vase to obtain as much sun as possible in the Castilian plain, up to the selected harvest manually and transported the fruit in small boxes that guarantee that the fruit arrives at the winery in optimal conditions.

En MADE IN SPAIN we have selected four varieties of this winery, all of the grape variety Tempranillo 100%, each adapting to the taste of the consumer.

El red wine Apricus 2017, young variety that combines the flavors of red fruit such as currant, blackberry or strawberry with floral notes of blue petals, together with certain citrus nuances, resulting in a lively, sweet, powerful and structured wine.

Apricus Oak 2016 it is the end result of the crianza for five months in oak barrels, whose composition is divided equally between fine-grained American oak and French. With a toasted taste reminiscent of coffee or toffee, the notes of red and black fruits combine to make an excellent wine, for all palates, which behind its excellent flavor hides great complexity, leading to a persistent finish.

Variety Apricus Crianza 2014 It is characterized by its intense cherry red color, with an elegant shine that indicates from the moment in which its sumptuousness is poured. In this case, the nuances that the oak barrel has transmitted to the broth, such as black licorice, cocoa or chocolate, have been perfectly combined with the unique flavors of the fermented grape, causing a long passage of mouth with an intense finish and balanced.

Finally, Apricus Sensus, red wine of high expression, is the result of the passage of the grape during 17 months in oak barrels by a traditional method. Its intense purple color evokes a creamy and balsamic sensation, with intense and sweet fruity aromas. Clean and extraordinarily bright, Sensus uncovers itself as an absolutely essential gourmet wine.

"As the earth makes it spring up,
And the water makes it grow,
The grape needs SUN to mature "
by Hugo Blanco


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