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Terras Gauda Wineries

by Hugo Blanco
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Terras Gauda Wineries

The Terras Gauda Wineries, located in Pontevedra, have become a benchmark in the sector today due to the quality and exclusivity of their wines with the Rías Baixas Designation of Origin. These wineries are actually part of an even larger group, formed by the aforementioned Terras Gauda Wineries, Pittacum Vineyards and Wineries (whose Denomination of Origin is Bierzo) and Quinta Sardonia, and by the vegetable canning company A Rosaleira.

With the firm commitment to reach high levels of quality in a process marked by tradition, the Terras Gauda Group stands firm in its responsibility to develop new techniques in its R&D department. Through collaborations such as with the CSIC (Higher Center for Scientific Research), or with the IFI (Institute of Industrial Fermentations), this group has managed to delve into the full knowledge of the wine obtained from the grapes of the area, achieving results that have made it possible for Grupo Terras Gauda to become the pioneer of new manufacturing, fermentation and conservation techniques for Albariño.

En MADE IN SPAIN we have selected several wines, three belonging to the Rías Baixas Designation of Origin and two corresponding to the Bierzo Denomination of Origin, which fully cover the range of great wines of this group.

With D.O. Rías Baixas the White wine Albariño Terras Gauda 2017: thanks to the mixture of Albariño, Loureiro and Caíño Blanco, are wines of great complexity, in which the freshness and fruity aromas of the Albariño along with the floral aromatic intensity of Loureiro. The pairing is perfect with fish, seafood, and even with white meats, uncovering (even more pronounced this fact in the case of Terras Gauda Black Label) as a wine rich in nuances, unctuous on the palate and a creamy that allows an end of mouth elongated and pleasant.

The wine Abbey of San Campio, Albariño 100%, it is an excellent fresh wine for seafood, being currently the only wine of the group that is presented in competitions. Young wine (2012 harvest), the light acid touches brought by fruits such as apples, along with the softness and freshness of the grape juice itself, can be seen in its tasting.

Belonging to the D.O. Bierzo, the selection of MADE IN SPAIN has concentrated on the varieties Pittacum y Pittacum Aurea. Both red wines, made with grapes Mencía, are uncovered as perfect ambassadors of the land in which they were born. The fresh nuances of the grape and red fruits transport the consumer to the Leon mountain area of ​​Bierzo, being in the case of the Pittacum Aurea an experience linked to the tradition of more than a hundred years of manual harvesting. Elegance, color, flavor ... are some of the adjectives that inexorably appear linked to these wines.

The marriage of both is perfect with meat and stews.

by Hugo Blanco


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