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How to eat Torta del Casar?

by Hugo B.
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How to eat Torta del Casar?

We inaugurate the section of cheese at MADE IN SPAIN with a jewel of our gastronomy: the Casar Cheeses

Traditional of our culture and famous worldwide, Quesos del Casar, or as they are commonly known, La Casar cake, they are made in Extremadura, more specifically in the Cáceres area. Its main characteristic, and for which this cheese is so well known, is the creamy texture of the interior, which is usually smeared to taste it.

How do we get that unique texture?

To achieve this creaminess, sheep's milk is curdled with a wild cardoon native to the area, and later, when a medium-density curd is obtained, it is pressed and cured in cylindrical containers prepared so that the cheese can be released little by little and in an artisanal way. serum lactic, finally being a semi-hard and slightly yellow bark, with a sumptuous interior paste.

The Protected Designation of Origin for Torta del Casar has been in force since 1997 and guarantees a high quality standard.

Married Cake Texture

How do you eat it?

Normally to consume this cheese it is recommended to cut the upper part, which remains as a lid, and with a knife is spread on bread. It is common to be served after sprinkle on the cream Paprika de la Vera (also from Extremadura), and accompany the cheese, previously tempered, of caramelized onion to achieve great contrasts. It is also common in kitchen, with vegetables and accompaniments in the form of sauce, with eggs, rice, and even in desserts. It is also recommended if taken alone, consume it at room temperature, and as far as possible, avoid storing it in a refrigerator so that the organoleptic and sensory qualities of the food perhandle undisturbed.

Homemade Cake Preparation

by Hugo B.


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