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Estancia Piedra Wineries, DO Toro

by Hugo Blanco
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Estancia Piedra Wineries, DO Toro

Between Zamora and Tordesillas, it localiza the Zamorano municipality of Toro. On the banks of the Duero River, this localMillennial society has united its tradition together with that of the wine that bears his name. With literary references to the formidable liquor extracted from millions of grapes irrigated by the waters of one of the most important rivers of the Iberian Peninsula, wines with Toro Denomination of Origin have always been a great choice for those enthusiasts of a wine made with grape of early maturation and with a great balance of flavors and nuances.

Bodegas Estancia Puedra Toro

It is in this area where the Estancia Piedra Winery has created an authentic paradise for lovers of wine and culture. With the largest vineyard in the region, and the construction of its Social Center Laragona, have unified the enjoyment of taste and taste with culture, through different activities always around Toro wine.

The four varieties of red wine from Estancia Piedra Winery selected by MADE IN SPAIN They are Oak Stone, Forbidden Stone, Natural Stone, Red Stone CrianzaStone Verdejo and Pride of Paredinas. 

Red wine Piedra Roble ToroEl red wine Piedra Roble, it is made at 100% with Toro ink selected from the cellar. 4 Months in French oak barrels to finish rounding off its excellent aromas of red fruits and give it a toasted and complex touch. A wine of a lively garnet color

Red wine Piedra Roja CrianzaRed stone Crianza is described in your tasting note as of an attractive cherry red color, intense, clean and bright, with garnet sparkles on the edge, a nose marked by an abundant presence of ripe red fruits on an elegant spicy and roasted background. The taste and unctuousness in the mouth, with an aromatic and prolonged end of step characterize this Red Stone Crianza. A wine for great occasions, to take home from your boyfriend's parents or to give as a gift. Elegant and with a quality valued by the most expert.

Natural stone red wine bullThe third variety chosen by MADE IN SPAIN, Red wine Natural stone, made with grapes from the Bocarrage plot of the Estancia Piedra winery, without sulfites, additives or treatments of any kind. A wine made as before, whose subtlety gives us the idea of ​​how the wines were before, but with the security and know-how of one of the best wineries in Spain.

Red wine Stone forbidden bullWe continue with the extraordinary Forbidden Stone, a red wine made with grapes Garnacha They grow among the red strains of a vineyard in the winery with more than 50 years. The appearance of these grapes of the variety garnacha Among the inks it is a phenomenon that occurs from the antiquity, and it is these surviving grapes that give this wine an intense ruby ​​color with subtle aromas at the same time complex, with great elegance and balance in the mouth. The process is completed with a crianza 4 months in French Oak barrels, which ends rounding the wine and get the full power of the grape.












by Hugo Blanco


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