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Gift ideas this Christmas

by GT Collaborator
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Gift ideas this Christmas

Are you looking for the perfect gift for this Christmas? We believe that the best thing about Christmas is to spend it with friends and family, and enjoy the good times.

For this reason, we have made a list with the best ideas for making business gifts, giving gifts to family and friends. Or why not, for yourself. 

Wines that accompany dinners and meals

Spanish White wine Verdejo 2018 of Pradorey 

The white wine of Pradorey It is a very intense wine with parietal aromas  They bring back memories of white flowers and exotic tropical fruits. COnjuga perfectly with dishes such as fish fries and honeyed rice.

Red wine Ramón Bilbao 2016 Limited Edition of Ramón Bilbao

This red of Ramón Bilbao is a Very original wine. Made with 100% grape Tempranillo, with soul and fruitfulness. Ruby red wine with notes of black grapes, ripe and crianza in noble barrels. The palate is long, with weight and presence of the terroir. Marida perfectly with veal, smoked and soft cheeses.



Cava Vintage Reserva de Freixenet

This Cava de freixenet is a synonym for quality. Fresh with fruity notes, and especially with citrus memories, ample flavors, balanced, with a very well integrated carbonic and a pleasant finish. Perfectly paired with seafood, rock fish and vegetable rice. 

Cava freixenet



Cheeses that make everyone happy

Cake of the Casar de Antaño de Los Casareños

Young cheese made with sheep's milk, with little healing, which gives a soft flavor and a very special texture. Ideal to accompany with toasts and bread spikes. White wines y red wines young boys. A unique experience.

Torta del Casar at the best price

Manchego cheese añejo de Pasamontes

Cheese with a great body, firmness and an intense, full and strong flavor. Ideal to take wedges, accompanied by red wines gran reserva.

Manchego cheese pasamontes

Natural Idiazabal cheese from Merco

One of the most delicious cheese in the world. Made in the north of Spain. It has a distinctive smoky aroma and flavor, and a delicious buttery body. Pair with young wines y white.

Natural Idiazabal Cheese


Hams, Chorizos, Pepperoni and Loins unique in the world

100% Iberian acorn shoulder with D.O. Guijuelo de Julián Becerro

Single palette with 100% Iberian flavor, with cut appearance: consistent, veined, and very characteristic. Healing of 24 and 30 months.

Iberian acorn shoulder

Loin 100% ibérico de bellota de Julián Becerro

This Loin of Julián Becerro It has an intense flavor and an especially delicious meat. The Iberian loin rods are air dried and combine beautifully with The best wines.

 Lomo  ibérico de Bellota

Chorizo ibérico de cebo de López Puerto

Sausage ibérico de cebo It is made with a selection of Iberian pork meats and is one of the most representative products within the great Iberian family. 

Chorizo ibérico de cebo

Sausage ibérico de bellota de Julián Becerro

Salchichón of great personality for all palates. A balanced meat with a mixture of spices that give it that intense aroma and characteristic flavor. Intense flavor to enjoy as a lid alone or with bread. 

Sausage ibérico de Bellota


We are so proud of our products that we want them to Enjoy as much as we do. Therefore, we believe that we are the perfect gift for this holiday.

Made In Spain

by GT Collaborator


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