Shipping policy

Shipping policy Made in Spain

Once the order is formalized, it automatically enters into our logistics process that includes preparation, insurance, shipping and delivery certification. The average delivery time in Spain is 24 / 48h and in Europe 3-7 days. All shipments are made by UPS and are guaranteed.

There are two shipping methods for all countries:

  1. HOME DELIVERY: If you want to receive your order at your home, office, ...
  2. DELIVERY IN UPS CLOSE UP PICKUP: The order will be delivered at the UPS pick-up point closest to your home and you will be informed when it arrives so you can pick it up at your best.

Detail of rates and delivery times by country:

  • Spain (24 / 48h)
    • SHIPMENT AT HOME: 9 € (Free for orders over € 120)
    • UPS COLLECTION POINT: 7 € (Free for orders over € 120)
  • Portugal, France and Andorra: (3-5 days.)
    • SHIPMENT AT HOME: 14 € (Free for orders over € 150)
    • UPS COLLECTION POINT: 12,50 € (Free for orders over € 150)
  • Germany, (except the island of Helgoland and Buesingen.), Austria, Belgium, Gibraltar, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Finland and Sweden: (3-5 days.)
    • HOME DELIVERY: 19,90€ (Free for orders over € 150)
    • UPS COLLECTION POINT: 17,50€ (Free for orders over € 150)
  • Switzerland, Greece, Norway, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine: (7-10 days.)

    The shipment of wine is limited to Spain only. The shipping times They may vary depending on the product stock or for reasons unrelated to the company.