Chorizo iberico bait lopez puerto

Iberian Chorizo ​​de babo Lopez Puerto

  • 7,95 €

Lopez Puerto handcrafted Iberian products in Salamanca from 1954. The family is specialized in the breeding, slaughtering, manufacturing and marketing of the Iberian pig, which guarantees the quality of its products as it controls production from start to finish.

The origin of the work of Lopez Puerto begins in our farm of racial selection and later in farms where our cattle campaign in open spaces, waiting, in the case of our acorn pigs, the fall of the same one, in order to elaborate our product star: the Iberian acorn ham. Then, our products are made slowly until they reach their maturity and unique and unmistakable flavor.

This Iberian chorizo ​​of bait is the star of the Iberian sausages. With perfect texture penetrating flavor. The authentic artisan village chorizo ​​with the quality guarantee of the Lopez Puerto family.

Presentation: Cane 500gr vacuum.

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